Sustentar is developed and executed by Caramuru with the guarantee that its products are sustainably sourced and traceable. Thus, our customers, whether industrial or final consumers, need to have clear and documentary evidence that the agricultural production, or its derivatives, was sustainably sourced according to the best practices. Furthermore, this verifiable traceability process must ensure the sustainability of all stages of the production chain.

Sustentar ensures the application of sustainability concepts in our entire production chain since the supply of raw materials, which is essential for the industrialization and sale of products that are available in the Brazilian and international markets.

Participation of producers

Since 2018, Sustentar has undergone a constant process of improvement. We currently use artificial intelligence and geospatial technology, which allows monitoring 100% of the chain of our raw material suppliers, be they direct or indirect.

We use a solid protocol, with several socio-economic criteria, which enables the measurement, reporting, and verification of the data collected, which is a decisive factor for the acquisition of raw materials.

The intensive use of this technological package for the traceability of all raw materials purchased allowed Caramuru, as of August 2020, to assume the commitment to Zero Deforestation in its raw material purchases in the biomes where it operates (Amazon, Cerrado, and Atlantic Forest).

Caramuru fully complies with the Soy Moratorium, published in 2008. The initiative ensures that soy produced in the Amazon biome and sold by its signatories is free of deforestation.

Sustentar Seal

The Sustentar Seal, to be launched in 2023, is designed to evaluate, in all raw material purchases, 34 essential indicators and, in case of non-compliance, impediments to obtaining, indicating compliance with the minimum purchase criteria.

To learn more about Sustentar, access our 2022 Sustainability and Good Practices Manual and the 2022 Sustainability Guide:

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