What is Sustentar?

Caramuru Alimentos’ commitment to the environment is built in practice. Sustentar was created to ensure the sustainability and traceability of our products from their source (raw material) to consumers’ tables. Sustentar currently involves both the development and execution of the program and the follow-up and evaluation focused on certification.

What does Sustentar do?

Based on the best global practices, Sustentar ensures the application of sustainability concepts in the entire production chain since the supply of raw materials, which is essential for the industrialization and sale of products in the Brazilian and international markets, based on our principles.

Our Principles:

1 – Caramuru’s Mission, Vision, and Values;
2 – Compliance with applicable Rules and Laws;
3 – Strict defense of human dignity;
4 – Encouragement of healthy relationships with employees and the community;
5 – Efficient environmental management;
6 – Zero deforestation;
7 – Socio-environmental traceability;
8 – Good agricultural and agronomic practices.

Sustentar is intended

For Caramuru:

within the strategy of best practices in all our industrial units, aiming at the engagement of all employees.

For raw material suppliers:

Sustentar promotes adequacy of their way of producing to the concepts of sustainable production applicable also to their personal, family, and community lives.

For customers:

who can acquire, in Brazil or abroad, products and by-products sealed by the Sustentar Program, with the guarantee of traceability and sustainability of the production and marketing chains.

What is the “Sustentar Standard”?

The creation of the Sustentar Standard is based on the experience achieved by Caramuru Alimentos throughout its long-lasting technical assistance operation and follow-up of raw material suppliers, which allowed the company to create its own methodology with strong concepts guided by our values and determination, aimed at effective execution, developed by our team of agronomists.

The Sustentar Standard is currently in its 6th enhancement version.

The Sustentar methodology

The Sustentar methodology complies with the guidelines of the Trade For Sustainable Development (T4SD) of the International Trade Center (ITC), a UN Agency focused on promoting sustainable trade; the European Feed Manufacturer’s Federation (FEFAC), and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Sustentar was also evaluated by Proforest, a globally recognized non-profit organization that supports companies, governments, civil society, and other organizations in working towards responsible production and supply of agricultural and forest commodities – www.proforest.net.

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To learn more about Sustentar, access our 2022 Sustainability and Good Practices Manual and the 2022 Sustainability Guide and, below, also access the list of pesticides authorized for use in Brazil, using an agronomic recipe: